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Why you should use Butterface as a moisturizer?

Natural body butters and creams with no added preservatives

(you can't get this in stores!)


  • beautiful leak-proof, BPA-free, lead-free jars

  • fun characters to make learning about skincare easy

  • waterproof & removable labels to reuse the jars (save our planet!)

  • organic packing peanuts that disappears under water (fun for everyone)

Skincare doesn't have to be boring or complicated.

Real ingredients for real people.

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Tangerine Tom

Tangerine Butter with Orange Essential Oils

Don't be fooled by his resting Butterface. Super sweet, tangy, and uplifting... Tangerine Tom has everything you need to boost your mood and your collagen to have plump, healthy skin.

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Avocado Avery

Avocado Butter with Vanilla

Calm, cool, and collected... Avocado Avery has every you need to replenish dry, matured skin. Lots of vitamin E to regenerate new skin cells.

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Java Joe

Roasted Coffee Butter with Organic Atlas Cedarwood and Vanilla

Buff away old skin cells with Java Joe. This body butter helps to tighten and tone skin to reduce the look of wrinkles, cellulite, and scars!

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Lavender Lily

Lavender Butter with Organic Hyssop

This butter will help repair and increase skin cell regeneration while your body is in repair mode at night. Lavender Lily is the perfect butter to deeply moisturize right before bed!

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Plain Jane

Premium cream with shea butter, tucuma butter, and coconut oil

The perfect cream for those who are on-the-go! It's fast-absorbing, no greasy residue, and more moisturizing than lotion. Plain Jane is perfect for those highly sensitive to smells since there's no scent and it is fragrance-free. Great to layer on perfume/cologne!

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Gift Pack

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