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Eyelash Extension Training ( Classic+ Volume)
  • Eyelash Extension Training ( Classic+ Volume)

    2 Day in Class Training ( Theory + Practice on Live model)


    What's covered?

    1. Explanation of what eyelash extensions are
    2. Overview of different types of extensions (classic, volume, hybrid)
    3. Importance of proper training and certification
    4. Importance of sanitation and hygiene
    5. Understanding eye anatomy and contraindications
    6. Precautions for preventing allergic reactions and infections
    7. Understanding different types of lashes (mink, synthetic, silk)
    8. Overview of adhesive types and properties
    9. Familiarization with different lash extension tools and materials
    10. Preparation of the natural lashes
    11. Isolation and separation techniques
    12. Proper placement and attachment of extensions to natural lashes
    13. Understanding different lash styles (natural, dramatic, cat-eye)
    14. Customizing lash designs to suit individual eye shapes and preferences
    15. Techniques for creating volume and density with lash extensions
    16. Explanation of lash growth cycle and fill intervals
    17. Proper removal and infill procedures
    18. Aftercare advice for clients to maintain lash extensions



    Clients and Marketing?

    1. Conducting a thorough client assessment
    2. Discussing client expectations and desired results
    3. Addressing any concerns or questions the client may have
    4. Setting up a lash extension business
    5. Pricing strategies and packages
    6. Marketing and advertising techniques to attract clients


    FOR Registration, Contact 647-323-1622



    March Classes are open for registration ( Fully Booked)

    April Classes are open for registration 1 spot Left

    May Classes are open for registration 2 spots Left

    June Classes are open for registration 4 spots Left


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