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    7 Days Training ONLY 4000$


    Day 1: Eyebrows Semi-Permanent Makeup

    Morning Session: Microblading

    • Introduction to Microblading
    • Skin anatomy and safety precautions
    • Eyebrow shape and design
    • Microblading techniques and tools
    • Hands-on practice on latex skin

    Afternoon Session: Powdering & Nano Brows

    • Overview of Powdering technique
    • Nano Brows explained
    • Tools and pigments
    • Practice on latex skin


    Day 2: Eyebrows Semi-Permanent Makeup

    Morning Session: Ombre Brows

    • Understanding the Ombre technique
    • Color theory and pigment selection
    • practice on latex skin

    Afternoon Session: Bold Brows & 3D Effect

    • Bold Brows and its application
    • Creating a 3D effect
    • Practical procedures on mannequins


    Day 3: Lips Semi-Permanent Makeup

    Morning Session: Lip Blushing

    • Introduction to Lip Blushing
    • Lip anatomy and color theory
    • Lip shape and design
    • Pigment selection and needle choices
    • Hands-on practice on synthetic lips

    Afternoon Session: Lipstick Effect & Aquarelle Lips

    • Exploring Lipstick Effect
    • Aquarelle Lips technique
    • Understanding the Neutralization technique
    • Color correction and fading
    • Live demonstration and practice


    Day 5: Areola Reconstruction

    Morning Session: Understanding Areola Reconstruction

    • Introduction to paramedical tattooing
    • Anatomy of the breast and areola
    • Skin pigmentation and color theory
    • Areola design considerations

    Afternoon Session: Techniques for Areola Reconstruction

    • Areola pigmentation techniques
    • Matching skin tone and pigments
    • Sterilization and sanitation procedures


    Day 6: Scars

    Morning Session: Scar Camouflage Techniques

    • Types of scars and their characteristics
    • Scar tissue behavior
    • Tattooing over scars and blending
    • Pigment selection and blending

    Afternoon Session: Hands-On Practice (Scars) 

    • Participants practice on synthetic skin with various scar types
    • Instructor guidance and feedback


    Day 7: Stretch Marks

    Morning Session: Camouflaging Stretch Marks

    • Understanding stretch marks and their texture
    • Camouflaging techniques for stretch marks
    • Pigment selection for stretch mark coverage

    Afternoon Session: Hands-On Practice (Stretch Marks)

    • Participants practice on synthetic skin with different stretch mark textures
    • Instructor guidance and feedback


    Throughout the training:

    • Emphasize safety, hygiene, and client consultation.
    • Provide tips for managing client expectations.
    • Ensure proper equipment and pigment handling.
    • Encourage questions and discussions.




      C$7,000.00 Regular Price
      C$4,000.00Sale Price
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