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BROWS PMU BUNDLE Training ( MIcroblading, Ombre shading, Nano strokes,Powdering)
  • BROWS PMU BUNDLE Training ( MIcroblading, Ombre shading, Nano strokes,Powdering)

    Contact 647-323-1622 for more questions and registration

    Introduction and Overview

    Welcome participants and overview of the all-in-one training program.

    Introduction to the world of PMU (Permanent Makeup) for brows.

    Microblading Fundamentals

    Understanding tools, equipment, and sanitation protocols.

    Skin types, color theory, and brow mapping.

    Live demonstration - Microblading technique.

    Hands-on practice on synthetic skin.

    Advanced Techniques and Integration

    Nano strokes technique for a natural look.

    Ombre shading technique for a soft gradient effect.

    Powdering technique for a filled and defined look.

    Combination technique - Integrating microblading, nano strokes, ombre shading, and powdering.

    Feathering technique for a soft, feathery appearance.

    Advanced techniques and troubleshooting for client satisfaction.

    Model Practice and Certification Ceremony

    Hands-on model practice:

    • Participants practice microblading, nano strokes, ombre shading, powdering, and feathering on models.
    • Individualized feedback from the instructor.

    Certification ceremony:

    • Distribution of completion certificates.
    • Group photo and celebration.

    Kit Overview and Closing Remarks

    Overview of the provided kits.

    Closing remarks, feedback collection, and future support.


    General Information:

    • Certifications: Participants will receive two certifications upon completion.
    • Kits: Each participant will be provided with a comprehensive kit for continued practice.
    • Hands-On Model Practice: Practical application on models to enhance real-world skills.
    • Cost: The training program is available at a discounted price of $1800, down from $3500.



    • For Registration

    C$3,500.00 Regular Price
    C$1,800.00Sale Price
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