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Microblading (Zoom) - 3 Days Online
  • Microblading (Zoom) - 3 Days Online

    Online Training (Zoom) $1900 - 3 Days Course

    BONUS: Free Lash Extension course (valued at $950)


    Monday to Friday

    Day: 11am - 3 pm // Evening 5 pm - 9 pm

    (Kit & Certified Certification Included)


    Microblading Online Bundle:

    Classic + Volume + Hybrid + Lift & Tint + more


    You learn:

    • POWDER
    • COMBO
    • NANO
    • LIP BLUSHING techniques and more


    Note: Payments made by credit cards should be paid full + HST , within 2 weeks prior to the training (we need time to organize the class, prepare your Kit, and to pay the instructors)


    Guidance of our Master in Permanent Makeup, Zabel Gregorsian, is ready to teach you:

    Microblading + Shading + Ombre + Nano + Lip Blushing Techniques.


    All five methods will promise you to master the art of creating beautiful brows and lips beauty enhancement--always in high demand. These are semi-permanent services which in time will bring the same customers back for a touch up.


     SYLLABUS of the course:

    • Microblading is recommended for brow alopecia, missing hair, and colour
    • Skin structure
    • Skin inspection and FITZPATRICK scale
    • Brow Mapping and Measuring
    • Proper flow of the strokes.. Patterns.
    • Stretching technique, Angle and Depth
    • Practice
    • Blades for Manual and Cartridges for Machine use
    • Color theory
    • Modifiers and corrections
    • Skin preparation
    • Health and Safety (Forms Medical and Legal for Client to complete)
    • Tools and Products used during the procedure   


    Note: Starter Kit (valued $400 + HST) will be sent within 5 to 7 business days by Canada Post (tracking number provided) after the student pays and register for the course (registration with payment within 3 weeks before training days)


    The student can register for the class (see the schedule page) after receiving the Starter Kit, which includes:


    •    PMU digital device
    •    Cartridges 1Rl x 5
    •    Cartridges 3Rl x 5
    •    Organic Pigment Blackish Black x 1
    •    Organic Pigment Walnut or Mallard x1
    •    Organic Pigment Queen of Hearts x 1
    •    Calipher x 1 
    •    Microblading Pen x 1
    •    Blades U-18 shape x 10
    •    Disposable rings x 10
    •    Blue Gel Anestesic 5 ml x 1 
    •    Surgical Pen x 1


    * A certification PDF will be sent after we receive 2 pictures of 2 models "before and after" performed by the student.




    Note: Payment is not transferable or refundable (policy adopted by the major schools). For a reschedule of the class. there will be an additional charge of $100. Classes are private with 1-on-1 with the instructor, so coordination of the student schedule with the one of the instructor is done much in advance. (In case of Covid-19 or other medical emergency we can can offer the class in the next available schedule suitable for student or instructor - note from the doctor required).

    • HOT PROMO-Microblading Course-Zoom

      The techniques offered in this course are strict professional and we encourage the student to practice as long as possible to achieve the level of confidence necessary to work on real people. Practice, perseverence and continous learning is the true key  to sussces 

         Insurance for small bussines at :

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