Microblading or feathering is a semi-permanent tattoo, using a fine needle to add pigment by creating natural, artistic brows. Fine hair, bald spots, scars, or out-of-shape brows can be successfully done with minimal invasion. It can last 1 to 2.5 years, depending on the skin type you might have. For oily skin, it is recommended to do Microshading with a digital device. It will not fade as much and will last much longer. 


    This course is called The Fundamentals of Microblading, where you will also learn the Manual Shading method. A model is required with a visit back in 4-6 weeks to do a touch up to reinforce the pigment or make any small changes.  We suggest students bring their own model.  


    **Please be aware of “fast-tracking” courses which unfortunately produces poorly trained technicians, resulting in poor services. ** 



    3-Day Course: $1200 + tax  

    Includes certifications and a full kit 


    *Recommended in a bundle with the advanced microblading course called NANO, OMBRÉ & 3D POWDER SHADING (2-Day Course)*

                                  A discount will be applied 






    *We provide the name of the insurance company that insures our certifications 

    *You get 15% OFF from a major retailer for all microblading products 





    Lunch is from 1:30-2 pm each day 



    DAY ONE 

    • introduction to microblading 

    • professional kit outlook, microblading suppliers. 

    • skin structure 

    • type of hair patterns (Asian, braided, deluxe, mixed, Korean) 

    • mapping the brows 

    • contraindications 

    • practicing with different needles:  nr U14, nr 16, D15, R5 

    • measurements; techniques 

    • sterilization and sanitation 

    • bloodborne pathogens 

    • forms: health history of the client 

    • practise drawing free-hand eyebrows  

    • homework assignment 

    DAY TWO 

    • practise with pigment and different needles on the pad  

    • step-by-step procedure in feathering and shading with fusion technique 

    • after-care instructions 

    • marketing microblading 

    • building your portfolio 

    • waiver and legal affidavit 

    • we provide professional microblading supplier resources 


    • preparing Microblading procedure with a live model 

    • assessment of the model within the work station 

    • student working on live model under supervision of the instructor 

    • questions regarding Microblading 

    • certification 


    Kit includes: 

    Medical grade Numbing cream (5% lidocaine) 

    Numbing Gel 

    Manual Microblading Double Head Pen, Needles #U14, #R5 , #16  and #15 needles 

    Practice pads 

    Illustrated Guide to Microblading 

    Pigments - made in USA (25-30 customers) 

    Make-up pen 

    Disposable rings 

    Disposable sticks 

    Measurement Stickers 

    Wax pen 




    *We provide 1 on 1 training with full assistance* 


    *Hands-on practise under the supervision of the instructor. We believe that physical interaction with a live model and instructor will get the students exposed to real-life situations, which may occur during the procedure (compared to online-learning). We are proud to stand by our high standards of learning over the many years, which resulted in many5-star google reviews and the Best Academy Award for Training for 2019 and 2020. 



    AWARD WINNING ACADEMY (2019 & 2020) 


    • Refunds can be provided no later than 2 weeks prior to the class. An administrative fee of 20% of the total refund will be applied 

    • For more information, please contact us 

    • Contact:  text at 416-573-3747 

    • 55cami55@gmail.com