MICROBLADING-Beginner Course
  • MICROBLADING-Beginner Course

    Microblading or feathering is a semi-permanent tattoo, using a fine needle to add pigment by creating natural, artistic brows. Fine hair, bald spots, scars, or out-of-shape brows can be successfully done with minimal invasion. It can last 1 to 2.5 years, depending on the skin type you might have. For oily skin, it is recommended to do Microshading with a digital device. It will not fade as much and will last much longer. 


    This course is called The Fundamentals of Microblading, where you will also learn the Manual Feathering Technique method. A model is required with a visit back in 4-6 weeks to do a touch up to reinforce the pigment or make any small changes.  We suggest students bring their own model.  


    **Please be aware of “fast-tracking” courses which unfortunately produces poorly trained technicians, resulting in poor services. ** 



    3-Day Course: $2000+ tax  

    Includes certifications and a full kit 


    *Recommended in a bundle with the advanced microblading course called NANO, OMBRÉ & 3D POWDER SHADING (2-Day Course)*

                                  A discount will be applied 






    *We provide the name of the insurance company that insures our certifications 






    Lunch is from 1:30-2 pm each day 



    DAY ONE 

    • introduction to microblading 

    • professional kit outlook, microblading suppliers. 

    • skin structure 

    • type of hair patterns (Asian, braided, deluxe, mixed, Korean) 

    • mapping the brows 

    • contraindications 

    • practicing with different needles:  nr U14,  U12, C 12

    • mapping the brows :measurements; techniques 

    • sterilization and sanitation 

    • bloodborne pathogens 

    • forms:  Medical & Legal 

    • practise drawing free-hand eyebrows  

    • homework assignment 

    DAY TWO 

    • practise with pigment and different needles on the pad  

    • step-by-step procedure in feathering  procedure.

    • after-care instructions 

    • marketing microblading 

    • building your portfolio 

    • waiver and legal affidavit 

    • we provide professional microblading supplier resources 


    • preparing Microblading procedure with a live model 

    • assessment of the model within the work station 

    • student working on live model under supervision of the instructor 

    • questions regarding Microblading 

    • certification 


    Kit includes: 

    Medical grade Numbing cream (5% lidocaine) 

    Numbing Gel 

    Manual Microblading Pen, Needles #U14,   #U18, #C12

    Practice pads 

    Illustrated Guide to Microblading 

    Organic Pigments - made in USA (25-30 customers) 

    Make-up pen 

    Disposable rings 

    Disposable sticks 

    Measurement Thread

    Wax pen 




    *We provide 1 on 1 training with full assistance* 


    *Hands-on practise under the supervision of the instructor. We believe that physical interaction with a live model and instructor will get the students exposed to real-life situations, which may occur during the procedure (compared to online-learning). We are proud to stand by our high standards of learning over the many years, which resulted in many5-star google reviews and the Best Academy Award for Training for 2019 and 2020. 



    • The downpayment is NOT refundable or transferable. Last minute cancellation or rescheduling will atract a $100 fee. 

    • For more information, please contact us 

    • Contact:  text at 416-573-3747 

    • 55cami55@gmail.com