Microblading tattoo is the art of implementing the pigment in a deeper layer of the skin with the help of a fine needle creating beautiful artistic brows. Fine blond hair or bald spots, scars or out of shape brows can be successfully done with minimal invasion procedure which can last up to 1.5-2 years (depends of the type of skin you might have). We use medical grade numbing cream . After 4-6  weeks a "touch up" is required to reinforce the pigment . For oily skin we really recommend microshading performed with digital device. It doesn't fade so much and it last longer. This course is called the Fundamentals or basic of Microblading.

    **** Be aware of Fast-Tracking courses which saturate the market with poor trained technicians and poor services. These private certifications are NOT COVERED by insurance companies. Make your choice wisely.


            $990+ tax=$1118 ( inludes: certifications and full kit)-3 day course

    * Recommanded in a bundle with MICRO-SHADING Course ( discount applied ) $1585 + FREE Lip Blushing Course (reg $2685)

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    *We provide the insurance company name who insures our certifications

    *15% off of all the microblading products from a major retailer.

    *We can provide a  model for you but we can not guarantee. We suggest the students to bring their own models , but if we provide one for you we not going to charge you for it.


    Course Information



    • introduction to microblading
    • professional kit outlook, microblading suppliers.
    • skin structure
    • type of hair paterns  ( asian, braided, deluxe, mixed, Korean )
    • mapping the brows
    • contraindications
    • practicing with different needles:  nr U14, nr16,, D15, R5
    • measurements techniques
    • sterilization and sanitation
    • blood borne pathogens
    • form for health history of the client
    • practice free hand eyebrows drawing
    • assignment home work

    Lunch 1:30pm-2pm.


    • practice with pigment  and different needles on the pad 
    • step by step procedure in feathering and shading with fusion technique. 
    • after care instructions
    • marketing microblading
    • building your portfolio
    • waiver and legal affidavit
    • we provide professional microblading suppliers sources

    Lunch 1;30pm-2pm.



    • preparing the live model for Microblading procedure
    • preparing the work station and assesment of the model
    • student working on live model under supervision of the instructor
    • questions regarding Microblading
    • certification

    Kit includes:
    * : Medical grade Numbing cream (5% lidocaine),  Manual Microblading Double Head Pen, Needles #U14, #R5 , #16  and #15 needles,  Practice pads, Illustrated Guide to Microblading, Pigments- made in USA ( 25-30 customers) ,Make up pen., Disposable  rings, Disposable sticks, Measurement Stickers,  Wax pen, Caliper, Numbing Gel.


    * We provide a full assistance  to our students with 1 on 1 instructor/student ratio

    *Hands-on practice under the supervision of the instructor. We believe that physical interaction with a live model and instructor will get the students exposed to real and different situations may occur during the procedure ( compare to on line learning ). We stand by our hight standard of learning for which we were rewarded so many times with 5 star reviews on google, as well as the Award between the best Academies of 2019 for Training Toronto.






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