About Us

Dedicated for more than 25 years to the beauty industry, our Director and Instructor CARMEN DE DEA proved that hard work, inspiration and dedication lead to reaching the desired dreams. Arriving in Canada as a single mother of a 6 years boy from  Eastern Europe right after the revolution, Carmen was able to integrate and assimilate rapidly in the Canadian culture. In 1999 she consolidated her knowledge and expertise in natural beauty treatments to these days, promoting and advocating for the importance of using only natural products and services. For almost 30 years Carmen is educating her students ( more than 2700 ) and clients in using natural beauty products without any chemicals and  preservatives known to affect our health.

In her line of work, Carmen is using only her developed natural TRUE HEALING products! Even for Microblading services, she is using plant-based pigments! Her natural treatments were published in ELLE magazine.

Carmen is a licensed esthetician and licensed technician in  HDI Microblading.